Subtitanium Powder

Product Overview

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Substitute PowderSubtitanium powder is a new composite functional filler powder developed by ANYWHERE POWDER researchers. With filling, vector, dispersing, high hiding power and other functions, it has been used in coating, rubber, plastic, composite titanium dioxide and other synthetic material. It has features of high whiteness, high hardness, good compatibility, ultra-fine and even particle, which can improve the hardness, weather resistance, yellowing resistance, scraping, acid & alkali corrosion and other capability for materials. What is more worth mentioning is that the substitute powder is cost-effective, which can reduce the cost of material producing and improve the comprehensive properties of material.



Product Data

Product Code Median diameter Oil absorption value pH value Mohs hardness Bulk density
T068 8.5 μm 16 7.0 6.3 1.23
T163 2.65μm 19 7.0 6.2 0.85
T166 2.23 μm 20 7.0 6.2 0.89
T366 3.50μm 21 7.0 6.3 1.16


  • Can replace 15~25% of titanium dioxide.
  • Bulk density is similar to titanium dioxide. The true density is half that of Barium Sulfate.
  • No crystalline water. Smooth and dry. Low oil absorption. Good liquidity and dispersibility.
  • Is 10 to 25% of the total component of the powder coating. Improving the density of coating, so as to improve hardness and scratch resistance of the paint film.

Ours vs. Others

Parameters Our Subtitanium powder Others
Ingredient Oxides of titanium, Aluminium and Silicon Barium Sulfate, Calcium carbonate, Lithopone and so on.
Hiding Power Good. Can replace 15~25% of titanium dioxide. Average. The amount of titanium dioxide replacement is small.
Whiteness Over 95% 92%~96%
Chemical Resistance Excellent. Stable. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance. Some of them are stable. Unstable when containing CaCO3
Abrasion Resistance Excellent. Improve scratch resistance. Good
Weather Resistance Excellent. UV blocking. Good

SGS Authoritative Test Report

Report No: CANML1504826001      Report Date: 2015/04/08        Sample Name: 亚钛粉

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Substitute Powder Test Report


The most important application areas are paint, varnish, paper and plastic. Other pigment applications such as printing ink, fiber, rubber, cosmetic product, sunscreen and UV blocking pigment. Other applications, for instance the production of composite titanium dioxide, glass and glass ceramic, electrical ceramic, metal patina, catalyst, electric conductor and chemical intermediate.

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