Precipitated Silica & Fumed Silica (White Carbon Black, Silicon Dioxide Nanopowder)

Product Overview

Precipitated silica & Fumed Silica, also called ‘white carbon black‘, is an amorphous form of silica (silicon dioxide, SiO2); it is a white, powdery material. Precipitated silica is produced by precipitation from a solution containing silicate salts.

Chemical Formula: SiO2
CAS Number: 10279-57-9
EINECS Number: 238-878-4

Precipitated Silica2

Q702 of ANYWHERE POWDER is a powder material with optical function, transparency and ultra-fine, can be used in coating, ink, adhesive, silicone rubber, plastic, toothpaste and papermaking. Features include high transparency, good toughness, ultra-fine and even particle size, etc. It can improve the transparency, tear resistance, adhesion, weather resistance and corrosion resistance of the material. Compared with other products of the same type, it has lower price and higher filling volume.

Product Data

Product Code Purity Average particle size Oil absorption Whiteness Refractive index Bulk density Mohs hardness pH value Heavy metal
Q701 ≥99% 1.3μm 28 ≥95% 1.43 0.10 6 6.8~7.2 N/A
Q702 ≥99% 7.09μm 23 ≥95% 1.54 0.13 7 6.8~7.2 N/A

Notice: RoHS standards met of European Union and SONY-GP standards met.


  1. Ultra-fine, High transparency, Light-absorbing, Color pure;
  2. Narrow particle size range, No huge particle, Good anti-sinking, Low oil absorption;
  3. Large Specific Surface Area, Strong reinforcement;
  4. Eco-friendly, No heavy metal, RoHS standards met;
  5. Cost-effective, Full or partial replacement of high price similar products.


Applications of Precipitated Silica

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