Glass Powder (Filler Material)

Product Overview

T8 series glass powder is a highly transparent and hardened filler material developed by ANYWHERE POWDER researchers for high-grade surface sealant and varnish. They are mainly used in high-grade surface sealant, varnish, fine ink, glass ink, etc., to improve the hardness and other properties. T8 series with ultra-fine, ultra-pure, ultra-hard (Mohs 7.2) and high transparency and other features, can improve anti-scratch ability, hardness and weather resistance without affecting transparency.

Glass Powder Applications

Product Data
Product Code T800 T801 T802 T803 T805
Median diameter(μm) 0.8 1.78 2.6 6.3 13.5
Oil absorption value 25 23 17 15 14
Refractive index 1.54 1.54 1.54 1.54 1.54
Mohs hardness 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2
Loss on ignition ≤0.2% ≤0.2% ≤0.2% ≤0.2% ≤0.2%
Purity ≥99.5% ≥99.5% ≥99.5% ≥99.5% ≥99.5%
pH value 7.0 7.0 7.0 7.0 7.0
Whiteness at room temperature ≥94% ≥94% ≥94% ≥94% ≥94%
Microscopic shape Nearly spherical Nearly spherical Nearly spherical Nearly spherical Nearly spherical
Heavy metal / / / / /

Notice: RoHS standards met of European Union and SONY-GP standards met


Product Features

Glass Powder Features01 High Hardness
Mohs hardness 7.2. Can improve the hardness of paint film.
Glass Powder Features02 High Transparency
Good light transmittance. Reduce the use of resin. Can replace the resin 15~30%.
Glass Powder Features03 Abrasion and Scratch Resistance
With high hardness and abrasion resistance, the scratch resistance of the material can be improved by more than 30%.
Glass Powder Features04 Pure Color
Low iron content. Less impurities. Pure color. Without yellow-gray color.
Glass Powder Features05 Low Oil Absorption
Good fluidity. High filling capacity. Nearly spherical micro-powder.
Glass Powder Features06 Safe and Environmentally Friendly
Passed RoHS six tests of European Union. Meeting domestic and foreign environmental safety standards.
Comparison of T8 series glass powder with others in the market
Parameters ordinary glass powder T8 series glass powder Famous brand quality
glass powder
Transparency Good Excellent Excellent
Purity Not pure Pure Pure
Chemical resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent
Abrasion resistance Good Excellent Excellent
Weather resistance Good Excellent, Yellowing resistance Excellent, Yellowing resistance
Oil absorption Good Excellent, Good fluidity Excellent, Good fluidity
Loss on ignition <0.5% <0.2% <0.2%
Price Low Reasonable High

Product Applications

Furniture Varnish
High transparency. Good light transmittance. Improve hardness and scratch-resistant ability of paint film.

Piano Paint
High hardness. Protecting the bottom paint film. preventing scratches. Do not affect the gloss. High light transmittance.

Glass varnish
Protecting handicrafts. Scratch resistant. Good transparency. High light transmittance.

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