Anhydrous Transparent Filler (Powder Material)

Product Overview

Anhydrous Transparent Filler (Powder Material)Anhydrous transparent filler (powder material) is a new type of inorganic powder developed by ANYWHERE POWDER research team for transparent material. The powder is made from natural inorganic minerals processed by strict screening, cleaning, grinding, flotation, purifying, modifying and special drying, etc. It is an environmentally friendly new powder material that does not contain crystalline water, and has high hardness, low oil absorption, ultra-fine, even size, good stability, easy dispersion, good fluidity, high whiteness, acid and alkali resistance. The anhydrous transparent filler, after special modifying and dehydrating, is compatible with most resins and has high transparency, and can improve the wear resistance, scratch resistance and weather resistance of product, etc. Therefore, it has been widely used in a variety of products.


Product Data

Product Code Median Diameter (Microns) Oil Absorption value pH Value Adding Proportion
T507A 20 13 7.0 25-65%
T507B 28.5 12 7.0 40-65%
T600 7 15 7.0 20-40%
T312 2.5 19 7.0 6-20%
T316 5 17 7.0 6-20%
T319 10 16 7.0 20-45%
T322 3 18 7.0 10-35%
T326 6 16 7.0 10-35%
T303 1.92 21 7.0 10-30%
T305 2.65 19 7.0 15-30%

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Product Features

Anhydrous Transparent Filler Features01 High Filling
Low oil absorption. Good dispersion. Smooth. No need for secondary grinding. The addition amount is 2~5 times of the ordinary filler.
Anhydrous Transparent Filler Features02 High Transparency
Only one component. Pure color. Absorb part of blue light. The light transmittance is 2~3 times of the ordinary filler.
Anhydrous Transparent Filler Features03 Performance Improving
Without water of crystallization. Improving the hardness and scratch resistance. Acid, alkali and UV resistance.
Glass Powder Features06 Safe and Environmentally Friendly
Passed RoHS six tests of European Union. Domestic and foreign environmental safety standards met.
Anhydrous Transparent Filler Features05 Good compatibility
Compatible with different resins. Wide range of applications. Stable chemical properties. Does not affect the performance of other additives.


Anhydrous transparent filler vs. Ordinary transparent fillers

Parameters Ordinary transparent fillers ANYWHEHE POWDER anhydrous transparent filler
Composition Talcum powder, Sodium sulfate, Calcium carbonate, Silicon dioxide, and so on Oxides of Aluminium and Silicon, Crystal structure
light transmittance 90~95% over 97%
Chemical resistance Partially stable, Unstable when calcium carbonate is included Excellent, Stable, Acid and alkali corrosion resistant
Abrasion resistance Good Excellent, and improving scratch resistance
Weather resistance Good Excellent, and UV blocking


SGS authoritative test Report

Report No: CANML1615162101      Report Date: 2016/08/08        Sample Name: 无水透明粉(Anhydrous transparent filler)

Anhydrous Transparent Filler test report



Anhydrous Transparent Filler Applications01 Rubber Printing
Pure color. Good transparency. Stable. Low oil absorption. Free of heavy metals.
Anhydrous Transparent Filler Applications03 Powder Coating
Matte transparent filler is used in the high-grade matte powder coating.
Anhydrous Transparent Filler Applications05 Calendered PVC Film
For easy opening and printing.
Anhydrous Transparent Filler Applications02 Transparent Marble Adhesive
Pure color. Good transparency and light transmission. Low oil absorption. Acid and alkali corrosion resistant.
Anhydrous Transparent Filler Applications04 Transparent Resin
Low oil absorption. Good transparency. Pure color. Low bulk density. Fine particle.
Anhydrous Transparent Filler Applications06 Transparent Roof Tile
Reduce production cost. Good light transmittance. Improving scratch resistance.


Application Case

The results of a rubber printing factory in Fujian province after using our transparent filler T316.Anhydrous Transparent Filler Application Case

Old Formula Cost New Formula Cost Cost Saving
1532 USD/ton 998 USD/ton 536 USD/ton

Old Formula:
Low transparency. Abnormal white appearance. Little particles occur. Cost higher. Average weather resistance.

New Formula:
High transparency. No abnormal white appearance and little solid particles. Good scrub, acid, alkali and weather resistance.

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