Anhydrous Transparent Filler (Powder Material for LLDPE Plastics Film)

Product Overview

ST6-series Anhydrous Transparent Filler is a new powder material for Linear Low-density Polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic film. This series of powder material is made from natural inorganic minerals processed by strict screening, cleaning, grinding, flotation, purifying, modifying and special drying, etc. These anhydrous transparent filler powders are of high purity, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Added to LLDPE film, the film has high transparency, good temperature resistance, acid-alkali corrosion resistance, high insulation, low expansion, chemical stability, high hardness and other excellent performance.



Product Data


Product Code Median Diameter (Microns) Oil Absorption Refractive Index Adding Proportion Applications
Q03 Nano Size 19 1.49 10-30% Agriculture Film, Packaging Film, Plastic wrap…
ST600 Nano Size 23 1.52 10-25%

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  1. Good transparency and Light transmittance;
  2. Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Pure color;
  3. Particle size even, No big particles;
  4. Less sharp edge, Like spherical, Good thixotropy, Block resistance for films;
  5. Low oil absorption, High filling;
  6. Easy coloring, Saving some amount of color masterbatch;
  7. Chemical stability, UV blocking, Weather resistance.

Performance Comparison of Different Powder for LLDPE Plastic Film

Calcium Carbonate / Talc Barium sulfate Anhydrous Transparent Filler
Transparency 45~55 65~75 85~90
Adding Proportion 10~25% 10~20% 10~35%
Toughness Not good Medium Good
Abrasion Resistance Not good Medium Good
Yellowing Resistance Not good Good Good
Density Low High Medium
Cost Low Medium Medium


SGS authoritative test Report

Report No.: CANML1615162101      Report Date: 2016/08/08        Sample Name: 无水透明粉(Anhydrous transparent filler)

Anhydrous Transparent Filler test report


Product Use Instruction

  1. First, granulating the anhydrous transparent filler powder. Then, blowing film with polyethylene(PE) plastic masterbatch.
  2. Appropriately increase temperature, rotating speed, pressure and so on when granulating, blowing film and  molding.
  3. Ensure fast-melting and fast-out when granulating anhydrous transparent filler powder.
  4. For more information, you can consult an ANYWHERE POWDER researcher.


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