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    Technical grade glass powder

    From:Anywherepowder  |  Date:2023-06-08

    Our technical glass powders are widely used in automotive, defense, aerospace, telecommunication, energy and consumer industries and markets, and wherever high purity and tightly controlled properties are required.  

    Technical Grade Glass Powders 416x232.jpg

    Ferro’s in-house glass melting capabilities allow us to create various glass compositions utilizing different melting technologies depending on the composition and quality requirements of the individual glass type.


    We utilize both dry and wet grinding technologies which enable us to produce a wide range of particle size distributions from an average particle size of >50 μm to sub-micron sizes.

    All technical glass powders products are formulated and processed to be RoHS and REACH compliant.

    Our electronic glass and technical glass innovation capabilities allow us to deliver rapid go-to-market solutions for our customers.