Anhydrous Transparent Filler (Powder Material): To Reduce Cost in Transparent Products

Transparent Products

Transparent filler has excellent transparency, good appearance and better filling property. No matter what product is being made, it seems that transparency is the most wanted result. The powder is transparent because its refractive index is close to that of the resin. In fact, the transparent filler is not a single component powder. Besides the main component of natural mineral rock, special synthetic auxiliary materials are added, and then mixed,…

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Application of Low Melting Point Glass Powder in Fire Prevention and Flame Retardant

Fire Prevention and Flame Retardant

Low melting point glass powder is an advanced sealing material introduced by ANYWHERE POWDER researchers, which can carry out melting and sealing at lower temperatures, currently is the powder material of the lowest melting temperature. This powder material has good heat resistance and stability, has high mechanical strength, can be used in the mutual sealing between glass, ceramics, metals and semiconductors to form a unity. At present, it is widely…

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