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ANYWHERE POWDER is a material brand of Anywhere New Material (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Our team has developed a series of ultra-fine, ultra-white, and ultra-pure high-end inorganic new powder materials.

ANYWHERE POWDER is determined to be the leader of functional inorganic powder material brand in China. Providing customers with high purity, high whiteness and ultra-fine products with innovative technology. Also, We are providing formula to our customers, breaking the barriers of formulation secrets, helping customers improve product quality and developing high-end products. We help many customers grow their businesses and assist them to gain higher economic benefits too.

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Anywhere New Material (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. Our factories are located in Heyuan city, Guangdong province, one of the largest mineral resources sites in China.We are a inorganic powder material enterprise which has R & D, production, sales and service. We are also the first enterprises in South China to be engaged in the research and production of inorganic powder.

ANYWHERE POWDER is a high-end powder brand of our company, founded on March 15, 2016.

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Our company has great strength and is based on the high end of the industry. With Heyuan, Lianping, Meizhou, the three production bases which have 6 fine powder processing production lines in Guangdong Province. Also, we are the largest jetmill inorganic powder producer in South China, producing 50,000 tons per year.

Our company is composed of returned professionals after studying abroad and senior researcher in the industry, and has a professional R & D team. In cooperation with South China University of Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research institutions, we have developed a series of eco-friendly high-end inorganic powder materials. With excellent performance and innovative concept, our product has been chosen and loved by a lot of customers.

Quality Product, Reasonable Price and Professional Service are our business standard. Quality First, Never Stop Improving, Honesty and Trustworthiness, Results Sharing are our business philosophy. We provide our customers with sustainable and eco-friendly powder material and assist customers to achieve higher economic benefits, to promote industry developing. We are determined to build the company into a professional Improvement Solution Provider with high-end powder material.

We adhere to the concept of product quality first. We are using ISO9000 and ISO14000 standards as reference to manage product quality environmental protection. Meanwhile, we have a strict quality management system for mineral resource selection, producing test, formal producing, grading and packaging. In order to ensure product quality, we has built an advanced laboratory with Malvern’s and Omec’s Laser Particle Size Analyzers and other chemical testing equipments. Summarizing, we use science and technology to ensure the continuity and stability of producing.

Our main products include silicon dioxide (SiO2) powder, glass powder, anhydrous transparent filler, sub-titanium white powder (titanium dioxide substitute), low melting point glass powder, spherical silica sand and other inorganic powder products. These products have been widely used in silicone rubber, rubber, plastic, coating, construction, adhesive, casting and grinding and other materials. Our products have stable quality, and RoHS standards met. Therefore, they are the best seller in China market. Also, they are being sold to the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea and other countries and regions.

Our Missions & Visions

Actively finding solutions for future challenges
Analyze customer needs and challenges in the future with a forward-looking vision and customer-centric. Make full use of big data and modern technology, actively find solutions for future challenges.
Promote the development of inorganic powder industry with innovative thinking and technology, and strive to keep ourselves in the leading position in the industry.
ANYWHERE POWDER team is looking at the development of the industry with a broad vision and a forward-looking development perspective. On the basis of the existing rich vision and experience, we strive to practice the concept of innovation and science, maintain the industry leadership and continue to promote the development of inorganic powder industry.
Building a diverse team of energy, passion and creativity
With an open mind to meet and train each of team members. Trying to create a fair and just promotion channel for every teammate, and a healthy, dynamic and respectful working space regardless of their background, origin and race.
Developing eco-friendly science and technology and striving to promote the harmonious development of mankind and nature
Actively support the national sustainable development strategy and make efforts to build a harmonious community and environment. Adhere to the road of  eco-friendly development, and strive to promote the harmonious development of mankind and nature.
Working as customer-centric and helping customers achieve success is the top priority of our company
ANYWHERE POWDER team has always taken customer as the starting point for maintaining and developing customer relations. Work hard to help customers succeed. Predict the future needs and challenges of our customer with superior vision. Also, we help them cope their future needs and challenges with innovative technology.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values01 Innovative technology, the pursuit of excellence
Attach importance to product R&D and investment, lead the industry with technology, and use innovative technology to help customer upgrade product and create value, adhere to the road of green technology development, pursue excellence in the spirit of excellence, and continuous progress and breakthroughs.
Our Core Values02 Teamwork & Mutual respect
Create a good working atmosphere of fairness, justice, mutual trust and cooperation, establish a good teamwork mechanism. Team members respect each other, unite and work together to build a dynamic and positive group.
Our Core Values03 Integrity management, mutual trust and cooperation
Establish cooperative relations with customers by operating honestly and keeping promises. ANYWHERE POWDER has always adhered to the principle of standardized management, integrity first and win-win cooperation, and make great efforts to do our part in order to create a good, orderly and standardized business environment.
Our Core Values04 Meet the future and the challenges
ANYWHERE POWDER team has always taken deep and developing vision to deal with the future change and challenge of the industry. Work hard to meet customer needs and actively find solutions for future challenge to help customers succeed.

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